PhilCARE Foundation, Inc.

Dear Friend:

We live in the midst of a deep economic, cultural and moral crisis. We look at all this with apprehension not only for the present, but especially for the future, since the first and greatest victims of these crises are the young of today.

As the Episcopal Commission responsible for the Christian formation and Catholic Education in our country (ECCCE) and as the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP), we often feel incapable of counteracting the negative tide simply because of the lack of adequate means.

That is why we have established the Phil-CARE (Philippine Catechists and Religion Educators') Foundation with the clear aim of helping the Catechists and Religion Teachers fulfill their role adequately in the Christian formation of our youth

Phil-CARE Foundation will be able to fulfill its role only in the measure that it will be empowered to do so by its generous Donors.

That is why we turn to you with hope. Please, read on. You will discover so many dramatic things about our catechetical situation, and also how much good you can do even with a modest donation.

"Every catechist must be a

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