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In fulfillment of its role as the supervisory over the catechetical ministry and Catholic education, the ECCCE has been able to accomplish the following:

• The preparation and publication of “Maturing in Christian Faith,” the National Catechetical Directory containing principles and guidelines for the catechetical ministry in the Philippines (1979-83).

• The holding of a national survey on the implementation of the constitutional provision on religious instruction in public schools (1988);

• The organization of the National Catechetical Year which culminated in the convening of the National Catechetical Congress (1990);

• The preparation of the Catechists’ Basic Formation Program (1991);

• The holding of a national survey on the catechetical situation in the public schools (1992);

• The holding of several national catechetical conventions in Manila and other cities throughout the country;

• The preparation and publication of a National Catechism under the titles “Catechism for Filipino Catholics” and “Katesismo para sa mga Pilipinong Katoliko,” both in complete and abridged editions (1984-2000);

• The publication of the Philippine edition of the “Catechism of the Catholic Church” (1994);

• The publication of the quarterly catechetical review Docete, the official information and formation organ of the ECCCE;

• The organization and launching of the Phil-CARE Foundation, an institution that aims to provide catechetical materials as well as logistic and moral assistance to all Catechists and religion Teachers, especially those who teach in public schools.

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